About Alexandra

Hi there,

Welcome to Healthy Language!

Let me introduce myself first before telling you more about our new blog Healthy Language.

So, my name is Alexandra and I’m 24 years old. I live in a tiny city in Belgium where I study. On my free days (when I don’t have to go to school) I go to work. Obviously this gets stressy sometimes, so I love to go to the gym to give myself some more energy.

Beside of spending my time in the gym (whenever I can), I love travelling. I love to get to know new places. It opens your mind and you change your point of view on different things. 
But the other thing great about travelling is that you have the possibility of trying the local cuisine! Like everyone knows, in Belgium you eat the best french fries, but the best meat is in Argentina. By travelling, you get to eat the best of the best. And who doesn’t love food, right?

So that is kinda it about me… So let me continue with what the blog is going to be about.

Healthy Language! The name says it all. Together with my two friends, we are going to give you all the stuff of being and staying healthy!
Because it’s important to give your body all the vitamins and proteins it needs.

You’ll find it all here on our blog; from making healthy dishes to where to go out and eat healthy.

So ladies and gentlemen, that’s what the blog is going to be about.  And whatever you worry about, always feel free to contact us!

Don’t forget: nothing feels as good as healthy feels!

Alexandra xoxo


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