About Jennifer

Hello there !

Welcome to our blog. As the name says it self-it’s a healthy blog page, at least we’re going to try ;)
Before you we will post more things I will introduce myself.  When I was born my parents chose to give me the name Jennifer, it’s the name that I have till nowadays 😋. I’m the last bundle of joy out of four.

Laughing – Eating – Fun

These three words describe me the best. 80% of my day I’m laughing. Just because laughing is healthy and it’s better to smile in your life, than being sad or mad. 

Why eating? Eating is so important because your body needs it, but you also need to enjoy the food you eat. By this blog we want to show people that healthy food can also be tasty and delicious. 

Life is already full with a lot of responsibility and bad news, so having fun is what I like. Enjoy life and the little things in life.

We will not also show you how you can make delicious food but how you can keep your body healthy with different exercises.
Look around & enjoy.

PS. Remember FOOD = BAE 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor food is bae


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